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This is the place to announce events, buy and sell goods and more.
Forum rules
This is your forum to events; engagements, marriages, child births, graduations, promotions, professional appointments, death announcements, social events, community events, search for lost friends or relatives, etc.
It is a venue to buy or sell. If you need to sell any used product or have a garage sale at your house of goods that you no longer need you may place your ad here. If you are in search of any used product, request for it here in your community. Remember the saying " a person's garbage is another's treasure'.
If you notice any irregularity within your community, that is particular only to your community, please post it. (Pot holes, water main breaks, electric poll damage, knowledge of eminent danger to your community that you are aware of but afraid to share for fear of reprisal. Post it.
Are you looking for employment in your community? Examples: You want students to tutor, or as a student you need tutoring?. Are you available for odd jobs? Are you searching for employees? Post it.
You are all invited to have fun, share information among yourselves, sell or trade goods and services with least waste and increased wealth. Join us.
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